Monday, July 18, 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt #8

This week's photo hunt was tough, I took a number of pictures but didn't end up feeling any of them.  Sunday morning I was really struggling for some photo mojo so we hopped on our bikes and headed down to DC to see if I could find some creativity. It was a great ride, living in the DC area there are always tons of people out and about to watch, but I just wasn't "seeing" any photo opportunities.

So this weeks photo's are mainly from the archives. I'm heading out to CA later this week to visit my family, hopefully some new scenery will help me get the photo mojo flowing again!

1. Black and White
Since I'm heading out to CA this week, and hoping to go to Yosemite for a few days (yay!) here is a pic of Half Dome from the Valley Floor. Taken in December 2008. 

2. Reflections in Glass
 Reflection of the Space Shuttle in an Astronaut helmet. A little bit hard to figure out, but timely since the last shuttle flight is currently finishing up soon. I guess my dream to be an astronaut is pretty much over now :(
3. Headlights
Okay, so I took some liberty with this one, well there is a Head and some Lights, therefore Head-Lights! Another picture in honor of my upcoming CA trip, this picture is from SF China Town in December 2007. 

4. Seeing Double
This is a picture of Luke and Leia when they were small, they were so cute! Still are, now just a lot bigger and even more lazier, if you can believe it!

5. Bare
 The only picture from this week that I was content with! My dirty bare feet while climbing this Saturday.

Next weeks Themes are:
  1. Music to My Ears
  2. Hat
  3. Clear
  4. Out of This World
  5. Sprinkles


Ashley Sisk said...

Well archived or not, I think these are really great. I love seeing your interpretations!

My Photographic Eye by Irela said...

Love all your shots. The B&W is so beautiful and I love the colors in reflections. Great job.

Nela said...

Wow, love your B&W photo. It's incredible! :)
Your seeing double picture is very cute. Love the cats! ;)

Valeria said...

Love your work this week. B&W is wonderful