Tuesday, July 12, 2011

North Carolina Road and Mountain Biking Trip

The week leading up to our the fourth of July weekend Paul was down at Duke University for a conference on Development Economics in Conflict and Post-Conflict countries. Fun stuff. On the bright side that gave us the great opportunity to make a road trip out of it for the weekend and get back on our bikes after not riding for over 2 years. 

I drove down on Thursday and  thanks to suggestions from Ashley, spent Friday exploring Duke University and the Duke Gardens, which are quite beautiful.

I also spent a little bit of time at the bike shop getting Paul's front tire fixed as it had a minor accident on the drive down, it blew a hole through the tire!

As of early Saturday morning we were on the road headed towards the Blue Ridge Mountains in Western NC! Upon arrival we had to make yet another trip to a bike shop as Paul's tire blew again as did mine! We figured out that our old bike rack on our new car has the tires way too close to the car exhaust. oops. 

With that stuff sorted and our bikes in working order again, we finally made it on the trails by 4pm and then had a full day of riding on Sunday!

On our last ride of the weekend we got hit with a huge thunderstorm which added the extra challenge of mud to the single track. It was great fun, and messy!

 After two days of great riding we relaxed with our campfire and the all important Smores then it was the long drive back to DC. Fantastic weekend!

For my mom and any others who would like to see all the pictures click here!


Ashley Sisk said...

So glad you took some time to go through Duke University and Duke Gardens...also love that you went through the Blue Ridge. Great photos and I just hate we weren't able to meet up while you were here!

Dawn said...

Thanks Ashley! If you ever come up this way let me know!