Sunday, September 25, 2011

Anniversary Weekend - Hiking Mount Washington

Continuing with the adventures from our 5 year anniversary weekend last week, we got the hiking shoes out and took a little 9.6 mile jaunt up Mount Washington. Up to the top and then down, down, down. The down seemed like it would never end! Here is the play by play of our awesome day...

It's starting to look a bit more like fall is coming. The New England Tree Peepers should be arriving in droves soon!

After about an hour of hiking, starting to get an awesome view of the mountains.
And yes, those are fingerless gloves I am wearing.
I am that cool. 

On our way to Lion's Head (left) with the summit of Mount Washington looming in the background (right). It's getting a bit colder up here now that we're nearing the top of the tree line. 

At the top of Lion's Head, now to push on to the summit!

There is still a long way up with a lot of boulders to scramble over.

There are cairns marking the trail all the way up. Some of them were taller than me, and once we neared the top they started to be snow blasted on one side.

Panoramic view of the ridge leading to Boott Spur summit, we will be going down (and down and down) that way.

After hiking over 4000 feet to the top of the mountain, what do we find? A parking lot and concessions. Hmmm... But since I didn't take any pictures of those lovely pieces of nature, you all just still imagine it is very rustic and natural up at the summit.

Rustic and natural...with a train.

And a weather and radio station too.

We didn't hang out long at the summit since it wasn't the pretty part of the hike. But heading down away from the summit we were awarded with a beautiful sight. Mountains and Clouds as far as the eye can see.

View from Boott Spur Ridge looking back at the summit and the Lions Head trail.

Photo op at Boott Spur summit on the never-ending hike down the mountain.

 Down. Down. Down.
Rocks. Rocks. Rocks.
It never ends.
I'm going down on my bum.

Getting closer to the bottom. One more big rock to climb.

At this point Paul was carrying my camera because I was convinced my knees were going to give out and I would fall and break it, so I don't have anymore pictures. But do not fear, the hike down eventually did end and our knees were still intact. 9.6 miles. 4000+ foot climb. We did it!

For more pictures of the hike (mom) go to my Smugmug!


Ashley Sisk said...

How fun - look at all those incredible views.

Valeria said...

Wow !!! Freedom screams all over this place.