Friday, March 2, 2012

Phoenix - Part 3

It was a nice sunny day in early February and I took a drive with my parents in the Superstition Mountains outside Phoenix. We had lunch at a quirky little restaurant called Superstition Saloon in Tortilla Flats. I would advise dining there not for the food, which was meh, but to see the tens of thousands (hundreds of thousands?) of signed dollar bills wallpapering the entire inside of the building, and the bar stools which were western saddles. Pretty cool!

The mountains themselves are very pretty, all shades of red, orange and yellow sandstone dotted with green saguaro cactuses, prickly pears and other flora randomly painting the landscape.

If you missed Part 1 - Montezuma Castle and Tuzigoot or Part 2 - Biosphere2 click the links. The final set of pictures, Part 4 - Sunset over Phoenix coming soon!

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