Monday, July 2, 2012

Antigua // Part 7 - Final Shots

The resort had a couple Hobie Cats that you could take out in the bay. So much fun! We accidentally got a little too close to a rocky shore at one point though and had a hard time getting moving again.

One evening a 5 foot long Leatherback Turtle came onshore to lay her eggs right outside the patio where dinner was served. It was an amazing thing to see. She was huge and huffing and puffing to dig her hole and lay her eggs. She was in such a trance during this whole process that she didn't even notice all the resort guests hovering around watching. I snapped a picture of her trail on the beach the next morning. 

The beach that the resort is on is one of the few places that Leatherback turtles come to lay their eggs. The resort does a very good job of sectioning off those areas to protect the nests while the babies incubate in the eggs. They also have a turtle watch and protection program and when the babies start hatching they ensure that they are not disturbed and make it into the water. 

An endangered West Indies Whistling Duck

My four month baby bump (it's gotten significantly bigger now that I am 5 months along - will have to post that picture later)!

Last view of paradise!

Thanks for checking out the pictures of our week in Antigua!

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