Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I'm Two Months Old Today!

Watching my daughter grow is so amazing. In only two months she has gone from a tiny little peanut to a little being with quite a personality!

 During this month I have:

- started smiling
- flown on my first airplane
- had many chats with my daddy on Skype
- met my Papa and Uncle Scotty and all my other CA family
- had my first Christmas and boy did Santa love me!
- had my first bottle - I don't care how I get mommy's milk as long as I get it!
- met a number of mommy's friends and their babies (some of whom are teenagers!)
- giggled for the first (and second) time
- got my first pony

This was at the end of our photo session this morning. She was finished with picture taking!

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