Friday, January 4, 2013

Memories, Dreams and Reflections - 2012

2011 was the first time I participated in this link-up, what a difference 2012 has been! I was pregnant for the majority of 2012, Paul was posted in South Sudan and was only able to come home to visit a couple times, and I gave birth to the love of my life, my daughter, Piper! A difficult, but amazing and wonderful year!

Here is a collection of photos from this year (prompts from Ashley Sisk's Memories, Dreams and Reflections 2012 Link-up)

1. Me
6 weeks pregnant vs. 37 weeks pregnant. That was me this year!

2. I Love You
My daughter, Piper.

3. Still Laughing
It was a bit of a long and lonely year without Paul but my cats, Luke and Leia, definitely kept me entertained, especially when they made new friends.

4. Winter Wonderland
This was a very mild winter on the East Coast this year. Before Paul left for South Sudan we spent a lovely weekend in NYC. It was about as chilly as it got for me last winter.

5. Birthday
November 7, 2012. The Best Birthday Ever!

6. Friends
I started a new job early this year which took me to Bangladesh and the Philippines where I made some  great new friends.

7. I was Inspired
At the new year I was inspired to join a year long photo challenge. I think I lasted about 3 months and then life got in the way. This was one photo from that challenge.

8. Spring Fever
The Cherry Blossoms in bloom at the Tidal Basin in DC.

9. Vacation
During one of Paul's R&R visits we took a week and went to Antigua. It was a wonderful trip!

10. Summer Days
My parents spent a month this summer in DC and we did a lot of baby prep, apartment moving, plus some exploring of the DC sites.

11. A Day in My Life
The majority of my year, 9 months to be exact, was focused on helping this baby bump grow!

12. All Smiles
A daddy with his little girl. Smiles all around.

13. Autumn Harvest
California Sunflowers in September.

14. Family/Home
Our first family Christmas Picture before Paul returned to South Sudan.

15. Celebrate
We were so excited to share the news of my pregnancy with our family and friends. I waited until Paul was home for a visit and we could do it together!

16. Let's Do It Again
I visited my parents in Arizona in February. Can't wait to visit them there again, this time with Piper!

17. I Miss You
Paul has been posted in Juba, South Sudan this entire year. He's been home to visit only 3 times. It's been hard and I've really missed him, especially during my rough pregnancy days, but he's coming home in less than 1 month!!!

18. Beautiful
Antigua is beautiful, the water just glowed a most gorgeous color blue.

19. Dress Up
One of my favorite little X-mas outfits Piper had during the holiday.

20. Macro
Early in the year I bought some Kenko extension tubes to convert my prime and zoom lenses into macro. This is one of the photos I took during my playing around with them.

21. Holidays
Christmas in CA!

22. My Favorite
I love this picture of me and my baby.

23. Don't Ever Change
I have a feeling my daughter is going to have quite the personality, I hope she embraces who she is and doesn't try to change to be what anyone else wants her to be.

24. Just Because
Right after Paul left for South Sudan and before I started my new job I went to Arizona to visit my parents. I took this picture of the moon while on a short hike with my Dad.

25. Hopes and Dreams
I've had many hopes and dreams over my 37 years, but now with Piper in my life the hopes and dreams I've had for myself don't mean that much to me anymore. Everything I wish for now is for her. Here is to a wonderful 2013 with my family together again and me and her daddy watching our baby girl grow happy and healthy!


Seriously Krina... said...

Absolutely beautiful Dawn! I'm so excited for your new and growing family...wish you continued happiness and great adventures in 2013!! xoxo - KP

Verne Quiazon said...

Touching. Moving. And Inspiring. Simple yet so deep. Love apart yet so much a part of each other.

I love it Dawn. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself and your family through words and pictures.

Here is to a happy and meaningful 2013!

Kelvin Whisenhunt said...

Super awesome!! Asha Anu and I are so happy for you guys and hope that Piper and Asha can share their adventures together as they grow.

mommy of Five said...

love each one of your photos! thanks for sharing your year and blessing with us!