Thursday, April 4, 2013

Catching Up - Gramma and Papa visit DC one last time

A couple weeks before we left for South Africa my parents (aka Gramma and Papa) came to DC for one last visit with Piper. We had quite a good time, we went to a chocolate festival, visited the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum at Dulles which has the retired Discovery space shuttle, and we visited the Ford Museum, which was a first for me and Paul too!

I am a big space nerd (I even went to Space Camp when I was younger, remember the movie?! Just like that, except no accidental launch), so it was very cool to see the retired Discovery Shuttle. 

Look how excited Piper was to see the shuttle! Just like her mommy! That's my future astronaut!

We visited the Ford Theater and Museum for the first time. Pretty interesting place, the theater still holds shows and I believe they were setting up for "Hello Dolly". 

It was great to have Gramma and Papa visit one more time! Next they will visit us in South Africa!!!

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Marie said...

She's sooooo adooorable!! So glad you got to see your parents before you guys left. Miss you all so much! Big hugs to Ms. Piper for me!