Sunday, April 14, 2013

Piper's First Easter

We got to celebrate Easter twice here in South Africa. The weekend after arriving (which was the weekend before Easter) the US Embassy put on an Easter egg hunt and party for the kids at the American Community Center in Pretoria. It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny, quite different from the cold weather we left behind in DC.

Piper was very excited to wear her bunny ears and participate in her first egg hunt! Okay, maybe I was the more excited one, but she was just too cute!

This was the first time Piper ever had her little toes in the grass! She definitely enjoyed that and being outside in the warm weather playing with other kiddos. This is where she met the 10 year old Piper who told us that Pipers are funny, smart and awesome people. We agree.

Piper was a great little egg hunter and found two eggs, a purple one and an orange one. Okay, I may have helped. She was more definitely more interested in chewing on the egg so we shared the goodies from inside with the older kids. She also met her first easter bunny but wasn't too sure about him...

Coming Soon...Easter morning dress up and brunch with the birds!

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