Monday, May 6, 2013

Piper's First Certificate and Medal

As most of you know, Paul spent the last year working as the economist for USAID in Juba, South Sudan. I stayed in DC and had a baby. Turns out the Department of State appreciates Piper giving up her daddy for the year to serve the US Government and they sent her a medal and certificate for her sacrifice. She thinks it is quite awesome, my only complaint is that I think it should have been signed by Hillary since she was the Secretary of State at the time (nothing against Kerry, but we love Hillary!).

The certificate reads:

In appreciation for the sacrifice asked of you while separated from your father during his unaccompanied tour of duty, this Certificate and accompanying Medal of Recognition are offered as a symbol of the Department of State's gratitude. Just as we are proud of the men and women serving at Unaccompanied Posts, we are also proud of their families. Thank you for sharing your father.

Signed by John Kerry, Secretary of State

Way to go Piper!!!

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Marie said...

Hahaha! That is AWESOME!!!! She just gets cuter by the day!

So does her mom get an award and medal too?