Monday, June 24, 2013

And We're Back!

It only took about a month, but the Apple techs here in South Africa were able to fix my mac (fingers crossed this fix works!). My new macbook pro received a new logic board, which I think means it got a whole new internal skeleton, so now I am busy reinstalling my programs - starting with Lightroom. I did end up losing the last month and half of pictures, but I thought that might happen so I have not deleted any of the pictures from my memory cards, of which I have many. So thank goodness, I still have all my pictures I just have to reload them onto my computer and work on getting them posted.

So here is the first of many backlog picture posts to come. These were taken during Piper's 6th month.

Jumperoo Fun

Fun with Eating

Daddy's Softball Tournament

Playing with the Kitten

Love This Little Lady!

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