Friday, June 7, 2013

Seven Months Today!

My little lady is developing more and more of a personality every single day and we love it! This month has been full of changes and firsts, she is growing up so fast already. 

This month:

- I weigh 14 pounds today!
- I can sit up on my own
- I have started crawling! It's more of a stomach scooch pulling with my arms, but I can move!
- I now say da-da-da-da (although I say that to everything, not just daddy)
- I saw my first Rhino's
- I went on a photo safari in Jo-burg
- My favorite foods are butternut squash and anything with banana (and mommy's milk still)
- I love petting the kitties
- I had a bath in the big tub for the first time
- I continue to make my mommy and daddy smile every single day!

1 comment:

Marie said...

Oh my hell woman, you are killing me with these adorable pictures of here (and of course there needs to be MORE). I take it the computer is up and running again?