Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Last month we took Piper to the kiddie pool at the gym and she had her first swimming experience! She loved it! I think the most difficult part was getting that tiny little swim suit on her!

She is a very serious little swimmer, no smiles or giggles from her while she is in the water. She likes to splash the water but she is very intent on trying to figure out a way to get the water into her mouth.

The water was quite warm, about 29 degrees Celsius (85F) but the air temperature was chilly. We had to quickly get her dried off and warmed up after coming out of the pool. Daddy's fleece was a good place for that.

Last week we went for swim number 2 in the pool, this time it was Daddy's turn to take her in. We didn't attempt the swimsuit this time, just the swim nappy. She brought along one of her bath toys to play with which distracted her from trying to drink the pool. We even got a little smile this time!

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Kelly Davidson said...

We have that swim diaper! She's so precious!