Thursday, November 21, 2013

Piper's First Birthday Pictures!

Here are some pictures from her actual birthday day (Nov 7). We had her first birthday party last weekend and my friend Nancy took pictures at the party - those pictures will be coming later!

We got the birthday girl a car! Her first car, what a lucky girl! And a puppy, can't have a new car without a new puppy! 

She enjoys riding in it as well as pushing it! 

 Here she is in her wheels surrounded by lots of other birthday presents from her family in the US!

Giving her new baby a ride.

 I made her a mini carrot cake for her birthday treat!

She wasn't quite sure what to do with it. I've never put such a large piece of food in front of her before.

 She learned pretty quickly though! 


Happy 1st Birthday Baby Girl!!!

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Marie said...

Oh my goodness she's just cuter than ever. I take it she has her driver's license now? *Sigh* they grow so fast.