Thursday, November 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Piper! 1 Year Old Today!!!

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl! My baby is 1 year old today! 

This month has been a big one:

- I am walking! I have taken up to 8 steps in a row!
- I have 3 lower teeth and 1 upper tooth
- I say "boooo" for cows and "oof oof" for doggies
- I love pictures of kitties, and love petting our 2 kitties
- I'm eating more variety of foods, but I mostly love puffs, porridge and bread
- I love reading books and turning the pages
- I am excellent at using a sippy cup
- I say "bir" for bird, "buh" for bike, and "ba" for ball
- I can play talking on the phone with mama
- I play peek a boo by covering my ears or forehead with my hands
- I can blow kisses

What an amazing year it has been! From floppy, little baby, to little girl with quite a personality! She has brought us so much joy this past year. I can't imagine life without her! 

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