Friday, November 1, 2013

Piper's First Halloween!

I remember this day last year, I was uber pregnant, huge and uncomfortable, but excited that Paul made it back from South Sudan in time for the birth - which would happen exactly 1 week later!

This year was a whole new experience! First Halloween in South Africa (some South African's do celebrate it, but not too many), halloween in the spring instead of fall, and the best part - a little Piper to dress up and participate in the halloween festivities!

We got into the Halloween season earlier in the month, I did find some pumpkins at the grocery store and put out my collection of halloween decorations I've accumulated over the years. Piper enjoyed the stuffed ghost, pumpkin teddy bear, and winnie the poo witch, since those were the only decorations I would let her play with.

The main event was the Halloween Trick or Treat at the US Embassy. Piper made the most adorable bumble bee and really had a great time looking at all the other kids, the decorations all around the embassy, and playing with the marshmallow stick (in the wrapper) that she got trick-or-treating.

 Is this not the most ADORABLE bumble bee you have ever seen?

 A bumble bee with her daddy, standing up and playing with her marshmallow stick, the back of the bumble bee (with one leg of stripes missing), more playing with the marshmallow stick after trick or treating at the embassy

 I took this picture the day before the halloween event to let her get used to the wings and antenna, she was most interested in chewing on her striped leg warmer!

Some of Piper's friends at the embassy trick-or-treat! Our neighbor Noah as a lion - he loves lollypops! Our little friends Oliver and Miles won the prize for most life like costume, their dad did an amazing job on the space shuttle! Piper and Miles the Space Shuttle. Piper with her baby friend Braylen and our other neighbors, Ruby the Clown, Coral the Witch and Opal the Dog. The US Ambassador awarding the prize for most creative costume to Big Piper the ice cream cone.

This evening there was a "trunk-or-treat" event at the American Community Center. My little bumble bee had fun handing out lollipops from the trunk of our car!

Our little happy halloween family!

Our friends Anthony and Cleopatra (aka. Jacob and Stephanie), Piper and I passing out candy from the trunk of our car - we came home with 1 lollipop that she refused to let go of, Piper and Paul in some green ectoplasm from all the halloween ghosts.  

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