Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Year of Piper Phone Pictures

This is Piper's birthday week! The big day is Thursday (I'm a little bit in denial). To work up to her big day I put together a photo grid of select pictures taken on my phone from the year. I rarely carry around my DSLR anymore, there is too much other baby stuff to carry around now! I usually just have my Canon G11 or my Galaxy S3 to take pictures of my girl when we are out and about, but I use it a lot at home as well. She doesn't lunge for the phone as much as the camera although that is starting to change now that she is learning what the phone is. So here is a collection of Piper from the past year! 

From floppy baby to little girl! What a wonderful year with this little lady!

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Marie said...

CUUUUUTIIEE PATOOOOTIE!! Miss you Piper! Lots of hugs to you all!