Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cathedral Peak, Drakensberg Mountains

Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, Paul, Piper and I joined our friends Nancy and Roy for a lovely weekend hiking in the Drakensberg Mountains, which are the highest mountain range in Southern Africa. We stayed at a quaint little lodge up in the mountains, close to the north eastern border of Lesotho.

We are very lucky to have a little girl that likes to get in her backpack and hike, and lucky that she has a daddy that likes to carry her on his back! It was cloudy and drizzly most of the days, but the skies did clear for our second day of hiking and we finally got to get a good look of the mountains we were staying in!

Day 1 of Hiking! Headed to Neptune's Pools!

Beautiful scenery, even in the clouds

South African Protea Trees 

 Not quite to the pools, but we can't cross that river! Lunch break!

 My hikers!

 Day 2! The sun is shining! We're headed towards Mushroom Rock!

 Piper doing some hiking of her own!

 Mushroom Rock!

Hiking is tiring

 Clouds are coming back in

 Day 3 of Hiking! Short hike to a nearby waterfall

 Awesome grasshoppers

Scenes from the village driving out of the mountains

We had a great weekend with Nancy and Roy up in the mountains. So great to get out on some real hikes in this beautiful country!

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Marie said...

Omg she's a little hiker!! So cute!

That is one very pretty hike.