Saturday, January 11, 2014

Memories, Dreams and Reflections - 2013

Happy 2014! It's time for the annual Memories, Dreams and Reflections post. This is my third year of doing this link-up and each of the past three years has been so different. But each year just keeps getting better!

This year has brought more exciting changes to our lives: Paul returned home from a year in South Sudan and our little family is complete again; We moved from DC to South Africa in March; I've taken on the new role of stay at home mom which has been amazing, challenging, exhausting and exciting all at once;  and Piper has grown from a tiny little baby to a walking, talking toddler! As I said, it just keeps getting better!

Here is my collection of 2013 photos from this year (prompts from Ashley Sisk's Memories, Dreams and Reflections 2013 Link-Up).

1. Me

That's me on the Cape Coast in South Africa! November 2013

2. I Love You

How could I not love that face?! June 2013

3. Still Laughing

I took monthly pictures of Piper during her first year. Those were always fun, especially after she became more mobile. I have many many outtakes from those photo shoots many of which make me laugh out loud! September 2013

4. Winter Wonderland

Last winter, before leaving for South Africa, we took Piper to visit the Pleva family in Michigan. It snowed! February 2013

5. Birthday

Piper celebrated her first birthday in November! She got a sweet ride and a whole ton of presents from family and friends! November 2013

6. Friends

We have made a lot of great friends here in South Africa and they all came out to help celebrate Piper's first birthday! And a great friend, Nancy Magnus took the pictures for her party! November 2013

7. I Was Inspired

Paul and I got into birding when we lived in Uganda. Being here in South Africa I have become inspired to try to photograph as many of the birds we identify as possible. I like a challenge! August 2013

8. Spring Fever

Spring in South Africa is Fall in the US. Here is Piper in our backyard enjoying the flowers! November 2013

9. Vacation

Over the Fourth of July holiday Paul, Piper and I took a long weekend in Clarens, South Africa. We drove through Golden Gate National Park which was beautiful! July 2013

10. Summer Days

Over the american summer Piper and I took a trip home to the US to visit family. Here is the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk during the height of summer! July 2013

11. A Day in My Life

There is a nature reserve about 10 minutes from our house with giraffe, zebra and antelope. We are lucky that we get to go hiking there many weekends. Piper loves her hiking backpack! October 2013

12. All Smiles

Piper is such a happy, smiley girl. She always has a smile or a giggle for you! April 2013

13. Autumn Harvest

Mothers Day in the Southern Hemisphere is in the Fall! We went for a day drive to Pilanesberg Nature Reserve, what a great day! May 2013

14. Family

My great little family! On top of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. November 2013

15. Celebrate

To celebrate our joint birthdays, Paul and I went to an 80's vs. 90's musical review. It was fantastic! And I got a sparkly hat! October 2013

16. Let's Do It Again

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday we went to the Drakensberg Mountains with our friends Nancy and Roy. We had a great weekend of hiking, eating and relaxing. I hope we can do it again sometime! November 2013

17. I Miss You

Piper really loves visiting with her big cousin Kailey. We miss her! These pictures are from our visit to WI in July 2013. 

18. Beautiful

The Whale Route, False Bay, Cape Town. November 2013

19. Dress Up

Halloween dress up! Here is my little bumble bee! October 2013

20. Macro

I haven't done much creative photography this year, just thousands of pictures of Piper and our travels! This is as close to macro as I've got! From the Drakensberg Mountains, November 2013.

21. Holidays

Our Christmas in Pretoria and Piper visiting Santa in Phoenix (she wasn't thrilled). December 2013

22. My Favorite

One of my favorite giraffe pictures from this year! Pilanesberg National Park August 2013.

23. Don't Ever Change

My dear, sweet, funny, stubborn, determined, loving girl, you are growing so fast! I wish I could keep you at every age!

24. Just Because

Speaking of change...look how much my baby girl has changed this year! Left - January 2, 2013, Right - December 28, 2013

25. Hopes and Dreams

How lucky I am to have such a wonderful husband and daughter and to live in a beautiful country full of amazing people and sites. My hopes and dreams for the upcoming year are more of the same - happiness, health, and enjoying each other each day!


Kelley said...

awe... love these Dawn! Wish you lived closer, but love to follow your family with these wonderful photos. What adventures. xoxo, kel

Verne Quiazon said...

Great story. Fantastic photos. Lifetime memories. Couldn't get any better than this. And the amaazing thing is that it will indeed get better - as you wrote. And it will be. Here's to an even more awesome 2014!

mommy of Five said...

love each and everyone of your pictures!

Ashley Sisk said...

There are so many beautiful photos in this collection. I love them!

Ashley Sisk said...

There are so many beautiful photos in this collection. I love them!

Marie said...

LOVE your pictures! Love! Love! And OMG I could just eat her up with hugs and kisses!

Jackie Mc Guinness said...

Love them all!