Thursday, January 30, 2014

Willow Feather Farm

This past weekend we went with some friends to Willow Feather Farm a local indigenous tree grower with a beautiful garden, cafe, and animal farmyard. Piper had a blast! The gardens were beautiful and we sat outside amidst the trees, flowers and ducks and had a picnic. 

 "Where did the ducks go mama? I wanted to catch one and hug it."

Contemplating the best way to catch a duck. 

Our friends, Matt, Tobey, Oliver and Miles!

The farm had all the barnyard animals and sold feed for each of them. Piper was a bit nervous around some of the animals at first, but quickly got used to them and was so excited to help feed them and to talk to them in their language!

The donkeys were pretty scary at first. They must be used to being fed, right when we walked over they brayed very loudly which Piper wasn't very happy with. 

After feeding the goats for a few minutes from my lap she got really excited and decided that she needed to walk around on her own to visit the animals.  

Practicing her gymnastics for the chickens. Our friend Oliver feeding the chickens.

She really enjoyed feeding the chickens. 

Piper has been learning many animal sounds so it was so much fun to see her reproduce them with the animals themselves. When she saw the horse she immediately started neighing, it was so cute!

 This is my favorite picture from the day!

 Trying to reach the bunnies!

What a fun afternoon! Thanks to our friends Matt and Tobey for suggesting it! We'll definitely be back, probably many times!

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