Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Groenkloof in the Summer!

Paul, Piper and I went hiking with our good friends Nancy and Roy last weekend in our nearby nature reserve! I love Groenkloof in the summer! The green, the flowers, the birds! Makes me happy!

On our hike we came across these guys also taking a stroll. 

I love that everything is in bloom! Makes for seeing the animals a bit more difficult, but the birds are abundant! I've mentioned before that Paul and I are amateur birders. We've been interested in birds every since living in Uganda where we discovered the world of amazingly colorful and unique birds! South Africa has a huge selection of these bright beauties and I have made it my challenge to try to get good photos of as many as possible. I think I succeeded on this hike! 

White-winged Widowbird 

Southern Red Bishop 

 Southern Red Bishop (female)

Weaver bird nests

Sorry for the numerous pictures of the same birds, but I got very excited that I captured a number of good shots! 

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