Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Baby Shower for Nancy!

Earlier this month I coordinated with a couple other ladies to throw a surprise baby shower for our good friend Nancy. I've mentioned Nancy on my blog before, she's an amazing artist and photographer, she took the pictures from Piper's first birthday, we went to Cathedral Peak for a long weekend with her and her husband Roy, and she has just been a wonderful friend to me this past year in South Africa.

The shower was lovely and I think we truly managed to surprise her, she had no idea!

 Nancy is an art teacher at the International School so we decorated with pictures of her kids art.

Suzy, Ananthy, Nancy, Jessica and Me (the ladies who hosted the shower!). All of us are mama's, Ananthy the most recent (her little guy is only a few weeks old) and are cheering Nancy on!

I'm so excited for her and Roy to be expecting their little boy in May, but I am also sad to say that they are leaving South Africa for bigger and better things - having a baby and moving to a new post. I know we'll stay in touch and we'll be those friends that even if you don't see each other for a really long time it feels like just yesterday, but I really hope a long time doesn't pass before we get to see them again and meet their little guy!

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