Friday, March 28, 2014

Flash Back Friday - Philippines 2004

My second flash back friday post I am taking you to the Philippines! From late 2004 to late 2006 I worked for Management Sciences for Health (as it happens I work for them again now) supporting a large USAID funded Family Planning Program. During that time I made numerous trips to the Philippines, at one point spending an entire summer there! I have a soft spot for the Philippines. I got to go back for a quick trip in 2012 and Manila has only gotten larger, more dense, more crowded, and has become more of an Asian Mega City, but I still love it.

But this isn't about that more recent trip, these flash back pictures are from my first trip to the Philippines in November 2004. My first trip abroad after returning to the states from Peace Corps, I was sooo excited, and the Philippines didn't disappoint!

I was still using that annoying little Nikon coolpix, but hey it documented my trip and I have the pictures at my fingertips!

A statue of a guard and watchtower on the Pasig River in Intramuros, Manila

 Looking across the Pasig River at a shanty town

 Manila American Cemetery and Memorial

 Sunset over Manila Bay (Corregidor Island in the distance)

 Pangasinan Province

 Beach at Pangasinan

Colorful Jeepneys

Crew Team at Sunset over Manila Bay

For more pictures from this Flashback, visit my Philippines Galleries on Smugmug

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