Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Mouse Eye View

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I mentioned the waterhole and underground hide at the Bush House, right? It was AWESOME!

Imagine being at the eye level of a mouse, standing directly underfoot of a herd of elephants. Or buffalo. Or only 20 feet from a hyena. Or mama and baby Rhino. That all happened. We were right smack dab in the middle of it all. Really quite amazing!

You can see that even above ground you could get extremely close to the animals at the waterhole. It was great, even though Piper couldn't go on the game drives, she saw so many animals here at the waterhole. She would get so excited whenever any animal, big or small, would come for a drink!

 My very favorite picture from the hide (it is so much better when not compressed and viewed in blogger, trust me, check it out!)

 I didn't take a picture of the set up inside of the hide, but it was a really nice. Comfortable chairs, blankets in case it was cold, a fridge with drinks, and the ability to lower a grate across the opening in case you were nervous by the visitors at the water hole (we never lowered it!).

It was really awesome to be down there, the animals knew we were there, and were curious but not concerned. They would definitely check us out though. Quite an experience to be stared down by an Elephant or Cape Buffalo.

The hyena and mama and baby Rhino came at night. I didn't have my cameras on me at the time and I didn't want to lose the moment by running to my room to collect them, I just wanted to enjoy the sight at the time. So alas, no pictures of them except for what is in my memory, which is okay by me!

More pictures coming soon!

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Marie said...

Lady these are seriously amazing!!! Love love your shots! Also love the elephants. So cute!