Monday, June 30, 2014

Little Book Worm

My girl is a reader, she takes after her mama. It is the only time, other than when she is sleeping, that she sits still! Most of the time she picks out the books for me to read to her, but recently she has started sitting down by herself to read a book or two. Sometimes she will even read it out loud in her adorable Piper language. 

 Where is the Green Sheep? is definitely a favorite book

 Skippy Jon Jones is still beyond her understanding but we love to look at the pictures of the little kitty that thinks he is a chihuahua!

I love the how she concentrates when she is reading, you can just see the little wheels turning in that head as she figures out the story she's looking at!

Meet Kitty, or Cats, as she is sometimes called. This is Pipers FAVORITE animal whom she sleeps with at night and carries all over the house. She is well loved.

Piper also loves to draw on her drawing board. I believe here she drew a "neigh". Can you guess what that is?

1 comment:

Marie said...

A horse?

It's a good thing she's ready actual books and not trashy magazines like her mom!

Juuuuust kidding ;)