Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fall in May at Misty Mountain

It's winter here in the southern hemisphere! Winters are pretty mild here, despite what the South African's say. Cold mornings and nights, beautiful days in the middle!

When we went to Misty Mountain last month with the Bensons, we actually got to experience a little bit of Fall weather. The grounds of the lodge had many deciduous trees that were turning color and losing their leaves.

Piper found a bucket and her and daddy started collecting the leaves...

For daddy to dump on her head!

That looked so great, Luke got in on the fun too!

 Piper thought maybe she could dump them on herself

 They had so much fun playing in the leaves!

I think Luke was contemplating dumping the bucket over Piper's head! 

It was really fun to experience a little bit of fall here in South Africa, and to see the kids playing and enjoying it as well was great! 

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Marie said...

Staaaaaahp with the cute! (Don't stop.)