Monday, June 23, 2014

Misty Mountain Getaway

In mid-May our friends won a weekend away at a self catering farmhouse, about four hours northeast of Pretoria, and invited us to go with them. Misty Mountain is in the hills on the escarpment above the low veld towards Kruger National Park (that makes sense right?!).

Morning hike in the hills overlooking the tree farms

It is very aptly named, the mist that settled on the mountain in the evenings was as thick as soup. The farmhouse we stayed at was beautiful, with a huge living room for the kids to play in and a fireplace for us parents to sit around at night, drinking wine, chatting and playing cards!

Posing with Daddy after the hike

The lodge area also had a large playground, with a teeter totter, rocking horse, swings, life size chess board, and play house for the kids. It was quite chilly out but both Piper and Luke had a great time playing. 

 Piper and Luke climbing the stone playhouse (with some help from the daddy's)

Trying to capture a pictures of these speedy little munchkins, in low light, was nearly impossible!

Piper and Luke were very determined to remove all the chess pieces from the chess board...and then put them all back on the following morning. It was too cute watching these kiddos work!

Paul and Kent look like they are having way too much fun!

 Piper is not too sure about the teeter-totter

The property of the Misty Mountain Lodge was beautiful. We spent a morning exploring and letting the kids hike on their own two feet. 

Our future hikers!

 Family portrait!

I think we'll definitely go back to Misty Mountain some time in our next few years here in South Africa!