Monday, July 21, 2014

World of Dogs and Cats Expo

This past Saturday Paul and I took Piper to an event that Blew. Her. Mind. The World of Dogs and Cats Expo in Joburg. It was awesome! Hundreds of dogs, cats, a few horses, lizards, snakes, domestic mice, one very friendly rat, and a rabbit. Piper was in pet heaven!

We got there right after it opened, just in time to see the collies doing their pole weaving competition (top right), those dogs were fast! Later in the morning we got to experience dog dancing (middle right), which sounds more exciting than it really is. And then the highlight of my day - equestrian vaulting (bottom right). Something you may not know about a former life (read when I was a kid) I was a circus act vaulter. Yes, I spent many years flipping around and doing handstands on horses! I'm not joking!

After seeing all the doggies and hanging out with the St. Bernards, we headed over to the kitties who were not nearly as friendly as the dogs. There were lots of fancy cats, none of them though were as cool as our three legged mutt cat! 

And then, the critter that Piper wouldn't stop talking about all day - Templeton the rat! She LOVED this guy and turns out he really liked her too.

Before we headed out we visited the lizards and snakes, Piper made friends with the water monitor. We also learned about and met the only South African Lykoi wolf cat (google it). Of course before we left we had to say hello and take a ride with the miniature pony, I think I may have enjoyed it more than Piper!

It was a fun day, we'll definitely try to go again next year!

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