Friday, October 24, 2014

2014 Trip to the US - First few days in Arizona

We just returned from three weeks in the States, attending my brothers wedding in Arizona and visiting family in Wisconsin. It was a great trip! We left spring weather in South Africa, for hot weather in AZ, chilly fall temps in WI, and came back to perfect summer time temps in Pretoria. In terms of getting the best of the seasons in a three week around the world trip, it was a success (I have no love for winter so I am glad we didn't have to experience that season)!

Being able to spend time with our families and participate in my brothers wedding to a wonderful woman, was an even bigger success!

As you can guess, I have a ton of pictures from our trip. I'll be posting numerous posts filled with pictures and stories of our trip home. Here are some from the first few days being home. Hanging out with Papa and Gramma (my parents) and Uncle Scotty (my brother). As I said it was quite hot, about 104F and humid, which seemed odd for the Phoenix area, so we had some fun playing with water!

 Exploring new things with Papa

Shooting the water canon with Gramma and Aunt Kathy, while Paul tries to blow up the kiddie pool in the background

For half the year, my parents live at an RV park, which has a lot of fun activities, including a couple of big swimming pools. Piper had fun swimming in her floaties with Gramma. 

 We decided it was time for Piper to learn to drive...

We spent an afternoon with my brother and his best man, Darren, at a golf range. Look at Paul's form! 

Lots of time was spent playing in the kiddie pool outside my parents RV

And then resting with kitty after swimming (photo from my Dad)

Lots more photos to come - the rehearsal, the wedding, more play time with the grandparents, and then on to Wisconsin!

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Marie said...

I miss summer. And the water! Something I didn't get much of this year (the water, we did have summer).