Saturday, October 25, 2014

2014 Trip to the US - The Rehearsal

As is tradition, the night before the big day we had the wedding rehearsal. I was lucky enough to be asked to be a bridesmaid for Rachael, and I was even luckier that Piper was asked to be the flower girl! We were all very interested in seeing what Piper was going to do of course. Will she scream, will she run, will she throw herself on the ground? No matter what she does, I'm sure it will be cute :)

 Mom and the Bride to Be - Rachael, Me and Piper

 Mom and the Groom to Be - Scott

 Getting the bridesmaids lined up

Practice makes perfect

 The flower girl wants to do her job!

 Yay Piper! Great run down the aisle! Now let's do the same thing tomorrow...

 Go stand by Mama

 Here comes the bride!

 All dressed in white

 Rachael's Family: Step Dad, Mom, Dad, Step Mom

 The entertainment

"Mommy, instead of a basket of flower petals, can I carry a traffic cone down the aisle?"

You may have seen this on instagram or facebook - these were the four options of flower girl dresses for Piper.  In the next post you will see which one she wore! (although many of you probably already know from the wedding pics posted on FB) :)

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Marie said...

Such a little cutie!!! I bet she stole the rehearsal dinner show.