Tuesday, November 18, 2014

2014 Trip to the US! - Madison, WI

Finally! I am getting a chance to post the pictures from our trip to Wisconsin in October. We headed to Madison after my brothers wedding in AZ to spend some time with the Pleva side of the family.

For the first couple of days we stayed in Madison with Piper's Uncle Peter,  Aunt Jenny, and cousin Kailey. The girls had great fun playing together, as always! Paul's mom came up to Madison and spent a couple of days with us as well. Both Piper and Kailey enjoyed seeing their Gramma Esther!

Peter, Jenny and Kailey recently moved to Verona, about 20 minutes outside Madison. It's a very cute little town with lovely neighborhood playgrounds and lots of kids for Kailey to play with. We visited a playground one afternoon and Piper was so excited to play with the big kids.

 As you can see, she really enjoyed the swing!

 The Daddy's with their girls!

The weather was really nice while we were there. Not too cold and right at the peak of fall color! After Kailey got home from school we took a walk around the neighborhood. Piper really enjoyed riding in the wagon. 

On another beautiful day we went to the Madison Zoo with Gramma Esther. The Madison zoo is a very cute little zoo, perfect for a quick two hour visit before nap time!

And of course we couldn't be in Madison and not go downtown to State Street. Paul went to University of Wisconsin, Madison so he got to reminisce about the "good ol days".

Piper claimed she was seeing cows everywhere although the only one we found on State Street was this one so we had to go say hi. Piper also had to give the baby badger a kiss, and dress up as Bucky the Badger herself! To finish off the State Street tour Paul took Piper to the Terrace and gave her her first pitcher of beer (j/k). 

It was a perfect time to be in Wisconsin! The foliage was beautiful!

After our few days in Madison we headed up north to Castle Rock Lake where we rented an awesome cabin and the rest of the Pleva Family joined us. Those posts coming soon!

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Marie said...

Beautiful!!! And Ms. Piper adorable as always. :)