Friday, November 21, 2014

2014 Trip to the US - Castle Rock Lake

Paul's family is spread over the midwest - Wisonsin, Iowa, and Michigan. We thought since we were going home and we were going to make everyone convene in one place to get together we might as well make it a fun new place! So we rented a cabin about 1.5 hours north of Madison near the Dells.

The cabin wasn't so much a cabin as an awesome four bedroom house on it's own private pond, surrounded by woods, about a 5 minute walk from the lake. It was fantastic! It was even well prepared for families and had pack and plays, high chairs and booster chairs, toys and movies, and even a hiking backpack child carrier.

The first night we were there it was just Peter, Jenny, Kailey and us. The rest of the family came the following evening. We walked down to the dam at the lake and did a small hike through the woods along the shoreline. The fall colors were beautiful and the weather was perfect for a hike.

 It was so cute to watch Piper and Kailey together. Piper loves her big cousin!

Back at the cabin, Paul decided he was going to swim across the lake. Let's just say he didn't quite make it... the water was arctic, but it was definitely fun for us to watch him try!

That night we had a campfire. Piper's first campfire, she really thought it was fun. Especially with a kids size camping chair and Kailey to play with.

In the Wisconsin Dells there is a place called Knuckleheads, which has the coolest trampoline park. I swear this was the best $24 we spent the entire trip home. For an hour Piper, Paul, and I bounced all over the trampolines and jumped into the foam pit from the trampoline (this was Piper's favorite). I think Piper would have gone all day long running and bouncing if she could have!

And we couldn't leave without riding one of the rides. Kailey could go by herself, but Piper needed mama to go with her. That may have been the most uncomfortable ride ever. Those planes are made for little people, not 5 foot 7 big people. Ouch! But Piper really enjoyed it, so it was all worth it! 

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