Monday, January 5, 2015

Memories, Dreams, and Reflections 2014

2015!!! It's that time of year again! Time for my annual linkup to the Memories, Dreams, Reflections Post. It's been a fantastic year in South Africa! My parents and a couple of girlfriends visited, we've gotten out to explore more of this beautiful country, we went home for my brothers wedding, and Piper has blossomed into the most adorable and rambunctious toddler. We are so fortunate to live such a wonderful life!

Here is a collection of photos from 2014 (Prompts from Ashley Sisk's MDR link-up).

1. Me!

We took my parents to Madikwe Game Reserve over Easter weekend, three days of safari's, relaxing, and enjoying the animals. It was amazing! April 2014

2. I Love You

My two favorite people and a horse! January 2014

3. Still Laughing

If we are all in town, we have a standing Saturday night Wii date with the Bensons. It is all fun, games and laughter, until Nikki gets her family banished from our house. June 2014

4. Winter Wonderland

The only winter we experienced was in Michigan last New Years, during the polar vortex. I prefer South African winter, sunny and 70's! January 2014

5. Birthday

Celebrating Piper and Luke's Second Birthdays at Willow Feather Farm! November 2014

6. Friends

Two of my friends from Grad School, Kathleen and Anu, visited us in South Africa! November 2014

7. I Was Inspired

I learned to make chocolate truffles this holiday season and they are amazing! I think I will continue to make them throughout the year. December 2014

8. Spring Fever

Spring in South Africa, lots of babies! November 2014

9. Travel

At the Cape of Good Hope in the Western Cape with my parents during their South African visit. May 2014

10. Summer Days

Summer in South Africa is December to March, but lucky for us almost the entire year here is summer like! We did a lot of playing and swimming in the backyard. January 2014

11. A Day In My Life

Since I work from home I get to spend much of the day with this funny face, which makes me feel so lucky! November 2014

12. All Smiles

Piper made Christmas cut out cookies with Naledi. Piper was so happy to be able to stand on her stool and help. She especially loved eating them! December 2014

13. Autumn Harvest

We were in the States in October and got to visit a corn maze, Piper loved running around and finding non-existant trails through the corn! October 2014

14. Family or Home

We went to the Arizona in October for my brothers wedding and then to Wisconsin to see the rest of the family. October 2014

15. Celebrate!

Piper was the cutest flower girl! October 2014

16. Let's Do It Again

Paul and I hired a bird guide and spent a day north of Pretoria identifying over 100 bird species! November 2014

17. I Miss You

Having a foreign service life means saying goodbye to friends all the time, either they are moving somewhere new, or we are. This year our good friends Nancy (center) and Roy left South Africa for DC/Senegal. We miss them! March 2014

18. Beautiful

My beautiful girl. She is so grown up now (at 2 years old). She has such a big personality, loves to sing, dance, and tell stories. She is definitely a mama's girl, which I love! January 2014

19. Dress Up

The Plevasides Super Family on Halloween! October 2014

20. Macro

I didn't take any macro pictures this year, so I'll go with large depth of field instead (f1.4)! December 2014

21. Holidays

Christmas Eve and visiting Santa in Pretoria (If I don't look at him, he is not there...). December 2014

22. My Favorite

One of my favorite (non-Piper) pictures from the year. Madikwe Game Reserve April 2014.

23. Don't Ever Change

Look at that face! Don't ever change my love! December 2014

24. Just Because...So There!

Look at how much she changed over the year! From Jan 11 to December 28, 2014. My little girl is growing up!

25. Hopes and Dreams

We are so lucky to have the opportunity to live in such a wonderful place and see the world. My hopes and dreams for the next year are to continue to explore our current home and to enjoy every minute of each other and our charmed life!


Marie said...

LOVE!! So much! Piper is growing into more of a cutie by the minute! And that picture of the elephants is SPECTACULAR. You should become a nature photographer for Nat Geo. :)

Nicole Bryce-Sharron said...

That elephant photo is to die for!!! What a lovely year!

- Nicky @

Anonymous said...

LOVE that elephant picture. And your daughter is too precious. =)

Verne Quiazon said...

Great photos and Piper is growing up fast and pretty.

Ashley Sisk said...

What an awesome set - I most love Beautiful, My Favorite and Don't Ever Change!