Sunday, January 11, 2015

Christmas Cut Out Cookies

Catching up on some of my many holiday pictures. Before Christmas, we had a rainy day and decided to make cut out cookies with Piper and Naledi (Grace's daughter). The cookies alone are not that great, they require frosting but then they are awesome!

Piper loves to help in the kitchen, especially mixing things. When she learned we were going to make cookies she got very excited and ran to the bathroom yelling "I be right back!". She promptly returned with her step stool, pushed it up to the counter and demanded to mix something.

Using the cookie cutters was also a lot of fun, Piper liked slamming it down numerous times in the same to not have lots of little bits of weird shaped cookies, she required some assistance.

Everything Piper does, Kitty needs to try too. So lucky kitty got to help roll the dough out and cut some cookies with the cutters.

The most important part of these cookies is the icing. The icing must be brightly colored and completely cover the cookie, sprinkles and crazy designs are bonus points. Piper tasted the frosting right at the beginning and it was the end of her icing the cookies, she then just wanted to eat spoonfuls of frosting.

The finished products don't last to long, and now with Piper knowing what they are they went even faster!

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Marie said...

The grabbing of the little stool to stand on just kills me dead with cute. How adorable is she??!

She's right about the frosting - just eat it and leave the cookie behind. ;)