Monday, January 12, 2015

Piper's First Day of School!

Today was the first day of baby school for Piper. She was so excited, and really thought she was going to take a bus with the big kids. Once she realized she was going in mommy's car in her car seat, she thought that was okay as well.

We've started her in school for two days a week. She's in the Rabbit class, and her boyfriend Luke is in there with her.

How cute is this little schoolgirl?!

It took only about 2 minutes of clinging to my neck for her to realize that this new place was full of toys that were not hers, but she could play with all of them. And then she discovered the markers and didn't care at all if mama was at the school or not. 

She's the youngest one in the class and she shares her backpack hanger with Naya. 

We watched her and Luke get comfortable for about 15 minutes and then we left. No goodbyes, no tears, nothing. She didn't even care. Sob. Supposedly she told another friend of ours, who was dropping off her son, "mama go bye-bye" with no emotion at all. Sniff.

Nikki, Kent and I went out for breakfast and to all cry into our coffee's that our little kiddo's were out having a new experience that we don't have 100% control of. They are growing up. Sniff. Sob.


Leslie Greensides said...

Piper is unlike her mama who cried bloody murder when her mama left her in preschool and even kindergarten. Which of course made me feel really guilty!

Rich Pleva said...

Thus begins the years-long process of making ourselves (parents) unnecessary. The goal: getting to the day where there is no dependency...only bonds of love.

Marie said...

Omgggggggggggg that picture with backpack on killed me dead. SHE IS TOO CUTE. I don't think I say that enough!

What a champ! Well done Piper! I freaked out every single time it was the first day of school and cried like you would not believe. Always ok the second day though. :)