Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Gramma and Grandpa Pleva visit South Africa!

The Pleva Grandparents came to South Africa! What fun! Piper had such a blast hanging out with her Gramma Ruby and Grandpa Pleva. We had quite a number of adventures...safari in Madikwe, exploring in Cape Town, and lots of fun just hanging out in Pretoria and doting on the little princess. 

 Lots of book reading and showing off all her toys

We did a surface tour of the Cullinan Diamond Mind, the site of the largest diamond ever found (3106 carats). I thought maybe we'd be lucky and find a diamond on the tour, but no such luck. Although they did try to sell us a $100k diamond at the end of the tour, said they would give us a good discount, 30% off. We opted not to buy. 

 All safe and secure in our safety helmets

We spent a lovely afternoon at Willow Feather Farm introducing Gramma and Grandpa to Piper's friends at the farm and playing on the playground.

Grandparents don't follow the healthy eating rules. Look at this lollipop Piper got! I let her have about 10 licks and then took it away, she was EXTREMELY unhappy with me. 

More posts from our safari and trip to Cape Town coming up!


Rich Pleva said...

These are great, Dawn! Thanks!

Leslie Greensides said...

OK... let's ask Dawn about the lollipop... what did she get every time we took a road trip?? The biggest bag of mixed candy that Kmart had to offer. One bag for her & one for her Bro! Does that seem very fair to Piper to not get to eat 1 lollipop? I don't think so!

Leslie Greensides said...
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Leslie Greensides said...

Sorry it posted twice... don't do this very much. :(