Thursday, June 25, 2015

Jupiter Compound Olympics

Our neighbors, the Chadwicks (Matt, Stephanie, Ruby, Coral, and Opal) are leaving South Africa for Poland. We are going to miss them a lot! For over a year now all five houses on our compound have been filled with wonderful families. But alas, this is foreign service life, and with it comes change. sniff.

So as a farewell to the Chadwick family, our little compound held the Jupiter Compound Olympics. Complete with opening ceremony, numerous games, lots of food, and a bonfire! Special thanks to the Hughes family for putting together this awesome night! We had a blast!

Piper and Coral with our team flags. The Plevasides joined with the Littlefields to create Team Little Plevasides!

Stephanie getting the torch lit for the opening ceremony and flag parade!

The parade of flags! The Chadwicks lead the way, followed by the Goenthers. 

The Hughes family!

The Cohen-Frankels!

And the Little Plevasides!

Getting the low down on all the events - penalty kicks, free throw, bubble rugby, marble roll, basket head ball, cookie decorating, ping pong, and scooter racing. 

The Chadwicks dominating at Basket head ball!

The Little Plevasides attempting to get the balls in our little basket head!

Post award ceremony bonfire!

The Hughes came away with Gold, the Chadwicks with Silver, and the Little Plevasides with Bronze!

Such a fun event!

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