Monday, September 28, 2015

Book Report #3

Books number 11-15 in my challenge to read 52 books this year!!

All the Light We Can Not See - Anthony Doerr: Great Book! Beautifully written, a historical novel following two young characters during WWII, one a young french girl who was blinded as a child and must learn a new life, the other an orphaned german boy who is recruited into the third reich. This book is so rich, I became attached to the characters and felt like I was there with them, seeing what they saw, feeling what they felt. It is a great story and I was sad when it ended. Highly Recommended!

Beneath the Surface - John Hargrove: Killer Whales, Sea World, and the Truth Beyond Blackfish. I have always been a lover of the ocean and the creatures that live in it, especially marine mammals. When I was little I loved Sea World, but even then I knew that something wasn't quite right there. Orca's are probably my favorite animal in the world, seeing them in the wild, versus seeing them in a swimming pool is incomparable. But anyways, this isn't a rant against Sea World, I enjoyed reading this book, I enjoyed seeing into the life of a former Sea World Orca trainer, and I also appreciated how he didn't take an angry, trash talking view on Sea World, but rationally and logically detailed his side of the story based on his extensive experience. If you are on the fence about Sea World or marine animal parks, I recommend you read this book. If you just enjoy reading about marine mammals and animal and human behavior, I recommend you read this book.

Shadow Divers - Robert Kurson: The True Adventure of Two Americans Who Risked Everything to Solve One of the Last Mysteries of WWII. This book was recommended by some friends, the only thing I had in common with this book was that I am a scuba diver. I have never been much interested in naval history, world war II history, or maritime history, so I wasn't really sure...but this book is fantastic! The author does an amazing job of embedding the history into the personal story of the wreck divers who discover a German U-Boat off the coast of New Jersey. He's a great writer, I never once got bored or mucked up in the historical facts, and he kept the story of the diving and identification of the U-Boat fast paced and exciting. I would definitely recommend this book.

What the Dickens - Gregory Maguire: The Story of a Rogue Tooth Fairy. An orphan tooth fairy trying to figure out where he belongs, an agent of change who trades teeth for coins, and a family of kids telling stories. Cute book, not at the same level as Wicked, but I enjoyed reading it and would recommend it if you like Gregory Maguire.

Still Alice - Lisa Genova: This was an amazing book. A Harvard psychology professor, Alice, one of the leaders in her field, is diagnosed with early onset alzheimers. It's a powerful story, told from Alice's perspective as the disease slowly progresses. You learn about her family, the decisions they must make as their mom/wife gets worse, how the family falls apart but also comes together, and most powerfully, what Alice is feeling and going through. This book is obviously fiction, but it feels like a true story. The author gives Alice an eloquent and graceful voice, and I really liked reading the book from her perspective. Despite the depressing topic, I loved the book.

Any recommendations you have are most welcome!

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