Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Camping In Pilanesberg

A couple weekends ago we took Piper camping for the first time. It was really fun! We went with Piper's boyfriends (Luke and Thomas). We stayed in a campground right within the Pilanesburg National Park boundaries, which meant we were sharing space with the antelope and naughty baboons.

As Piper's first camping experience, and our first camping experience with a Piper, we had some take home lessons that will make our next camping experience even better than this one.

Number 1 - We can not sleep in the same tent as or daughter, unless that tent is huge and she can sleep far far away from us (me in particular). I spent the entire night awake trying to avoid being head butted, or kicked in the face, and just trying to stay on the air mattress (I was unsuccessful).

Number 2 - When you buy a propane tank at the camp store for the camp stove, those tanks DO NOT have any propane in them. You have to take them to be filled BEFORE you go camping.

Number 3 - Acacia trees are all over this continent (something I already knew). Acacia trees have ginormous thorns that will go right through flip flops (something I should have known). Bring tennis shoes next time.

Piper eating something I'm sure she stole from Holly's camp...

Luke is King of the Bushveld!

Thomas and Matty playing with the trains (Holly is a super prepared camping mom)

The boys enjoying our new gazebo. Notice our new camp stove on our new camp table, which couldn't be used because I brought an empty gas canister. On the bright side, we did have camping wine glasses!

The kids were having a great time in the dirt!

Kent and Nikki have a "trick" they play on each other. If one can get a Smirnoff Ice into the other persons hand before they notice what they are taking they are "iced" and forced to drink that disgusting drink. Kent won this round!

Nikki was NOT happy. 

Bedtime stories in the tent

Good morning South Africa!

We only lasted one night camping, due to the issues listed above, but now that we have a better plan for the next time, we are super excited to get out and try again!

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Marie said...

I used to sneak into my parents bed at night sometimes and in the morning i would basically be horizontal on their pillows. My guess is I did a lot of kicking. Whoops! Kids eh?? She's so darn cute though!!

Also some of my friends play that iced game. Let me just say that I'm so glad I have never partaken in such games because ewwww.