Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Celebrating Turning 40 at Thonga Beach!

In a few days I will be heading into my next decade. Not too sure how I feel about that, but I do know that I wanted to do something big to celebrate! "Big" to me is going to a secluded beach on the South African coast with a couple of my friends!

Thonga Beach is a beautiful stretch of coast line about 60km south of the Mozambique border. We went there for three nights with our friends Kent and Nikki to do a little diving, snorkeling, relaxing, and celebrating!

The Mabibi coast line with the Thonga Beach Lodge hidden in the trees. It was Amazing!

This is what we are here to celebrate!!!

Since it was my birthday weekend, I decided I got to call all the shots. There was a large activity board at the lodge and I signed us up for every activity there was. Nikki was thrilled!

Our first activity was a sundowner at Lake Sibaya (South Africa's largest freshwater lake)

Our second activity was the spider and scorpion walk through the forest. As you can see, Nikki is super excited about this one!

It was amazing how many spiders and scorpions we could find out there! The ranger had a black light which makes scorpions glow in the dark. Impossible to see with the flashlight, but with the black light, they were everywhere! 

After finding all the creepy crawlies we had a wonderful dinner and it was time to drink and relax.

The beach was beautiful. Perfect sand for as far as you could see, and very few people. There are only three lodges and one campground in this area so it was very private. The waves were pretty intense. We tried to body surf one day, but after being pummeled by the waves we decided it was a better idea to hang out by the pool.

We climbed a nearby sand dune to get the view of the entire area and the boys had a lot of fun coming down!

Kent took an alternative way down!

After all that fun, it was time for a little R&R by the pool with some umbrella drinks!

Over the course of the weekend we came up with some very creative games and ideas! Beach, humidity, and drinks, all provide quite the good environment to be creative geniuses.

Water Bocci was one of our brilliant creations! 

Diving and birding pictures (of course) coming up next!

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Marie said...

That beach looks BEAUTIFUL! Also you don't look a day over 30. :D