Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015!!!

We had a week of fun activities to celebrate Halloween in South Africa! We couldn't find a pumpkin anywhere, but that didn't stop us, we carved a jack-o-melon!

 Piper first drew the jack-o-melon's face, very carefully, with a lot of markers

 The markers weren't just for the jack-o-melon!

 Grace and Naledi helped scoop out the melon (which was delicious!)

And then we had an awesome jack-o-melon, and a ton of tasty watermelon to eat!

USAID (where Paul works) did a trick or treat for the kids. It was great fun! Each office decorated their space, some scarier than others, and the kids wandered around the building collecting massive quantities of sugar.

 We found a Darth Vader to add to our Jedi team, but Yoda wasn't too thrilled with that.

 Little piggy and the big, bad wolf

 Who knew Jack Sparrow could make cotton candy?!

There were a couple neighborhood trick-or-treats organized among the American compounds, which was really fun for the kids. Our compound participated as well! Although, after two days of being Yoda, Piper decided she wanted to be a princess for her last trick-or-treat. Considering it was in the high 90's here, we were also happy not to have to put back on the Jedi costumes! 

What a fun Halloween!!!

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Marie said...

This is AMAZING!!! One of my very best friends from Boston dressed up as Star Wars characters as well! (Her and her husband and their two boys.) You guys are the best!

P.S. I think watermelon jack o'lantern beats pumpkin jack o'lantern.