Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Thonga Beach Diving

While in Thonga Beach, celebrating my big 4-0 birthday, Paul and I went diving. It was amazing! There are only three dive operators allowed to dive in this area so the marine environment is quite well protected. Even at 60 feet down, there were moments I felt like I was diving in an aquarium. So many fish! They let me swim right into their schools, they even let me touch them (I've never had that happen before).

We saw four green sea turtles and a couple of moray eels, all of which posed for pictures! I like to think the underwater critters consider me their friend. :)

Due to the weather, we were only able to go on one dive, but it was such a great dive, a great way to celebrate my birthday!!!

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Marie said...

That is so cool!! Fantastic photos!