Sunday, April 17, 2016

Blyde River Canyon

Over easter weekend, Paul, Piper, and I went camping up at Blyde River Canyon in northeastern South Africa, up on the escarpment before heading down into Kruger. It's a beautiful area. The canyon is 25km in length and is considered one of the largest "green" canyons on earth.

 View of the Three Rondavals from the campground

 Yellow-breasted Apalis

Cape Wagtail 

Organized camping in SA is a bit different than home. There is very minimal personal space - all campsites are typically lined up right next to each other. It is a very good opportunity to get to know your neighbors! The campground was completely full so we did get a chance to chat with our neighbors quite a bit, which was fun and we got to learn a bit more about local Afrikaans camping culture. There were also a number of campsites with little girls between the ages of 3-7, so Piper was in heaven being part of a little pack of girls running around. It was super cute!

The Panorama Route, in the Mpumalanga Province, takes you past many beautiful views of the canyon, nearby waterfalls, and other natural geological features. It's really quite amazing! We spent a day exploring the route and all the sites.

 Blyde River Canyon

 My super girl!

The rest of the trip and the sights coming up in the next post! 

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Marie said...

Ahhhhhmahhgahd how gorgeous! Also I could totally eat Piper up. She's so cute! Love that big grin of her's!