Monday, April 18, 2016

Blyde River Canyon (part 2)!

Continuing from my previous post on camping at Blyde River Canyon, we explored the Panorama Route and all the sites. The Bourke's Luck Potholes, which mark the start of the canyon, were really cool to see. Above the potholes the river slowly meanders towards the canyon. We soaked our feet in the water a bit and watched the little fish!

 The Pinnacle

We visited three different waterfalls on the Panorama Route. I can't remember, which was which, but they were all unique and really nice to see. 

We went for a hike one morning, starting from the campground. The only info we had was the length of the hikes, so we picked the shortest one (3km) and started! About 20 minutes in, after a bit of scrambling, and probably only making it 1/3km, we had to do a little stream crossing, which was actually kind of fun. Piper "scooched" across a log on her bum, while I walked through the water holding onto her getting my hiking shoes sopping wet (which Piper was very concerned about). Anyways, quickly after that we decided to turn around and head back the way we came. We stopped for a little picnic snack at the waterfall and enjoyed our time in the woods. Piper loved it! She was quite the hiker!

Back at the camp, we discovered the easter bunny had made a visit! She was so excited! Her basket was full of goodies and eggs were hidden all around our campsite.

After a full weekend of exploring my girl was tired! Such a good travel buddy though! We had a fantastic time camping, I had a blast!

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Marie said...

Those waterfalls are super beautiful. Bet they are more awesome in person! Love how she passed out after all that hiking around. ;)