Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My Brave Little Girl!

A couple weekends ago we took Piper to a place called Acrobranch where they have age appropriate ropes courses. Piper got to do the "yellow" course for 3-6 years olds, she was so excited! After she got harnessed up, there was a huge group of kids we wanted to get in front of, so we skipped the safety session (she has two parents who are well skilled in outdoor climbing and anchoring, and she was 4 feet off the ground with us right next to her all the time, so I think she was in good hands) and took her over to the trees! 

We taught her how to clip and unclip the carabiners to the cables and how she always had to have both clipped before moving forward. She took her mini-lesson super seriously and was so focused on ensuring those carabiners were on there just right. It was so cute to watch! 

 Pure concentration!

She had absolutely no fear on the zip lines. Once clipped in and told she was okay, with no hesitation she would just jump off the box and fly through the air with a huge smile on her face! 

She loved it! And we loved watching how seriously she took it, and how much focus she put into making sure she was doing the clips correctly and getting attached to the correct cables. And I really loved how brave she was, and how much she enjoyed it! She woke up the next day and asked if she could go again! That's my girl!!!


Marie said...

Look at the concentration on her face! Go Piper!

Rich Pleva said...

These are really wonderful photos of a really fantastic little girl!