Sunday, July 24, 2016

Ice Skating and Space!

A number of months ago, Paul joined the local Pretoria ice hockey league. Since he is spending so much time on the ice we thought it necessary to get Piper out there too! She's quickly learning to ice skate, and it probably won't be too long until she's better than me (that is not a high bar to reach for)! Soon we'll have another ice hockey player in the family!

 Piper and Paul / Ella and John

 Piper and Ella, everything is better when your face is painted!

 Naledi's turn on the ice, with Katie standing by

 Piper and Grace

We had Naledi in town for a weekend so we went ice skating and to the Space Exhibit in Joburg, sponsored by NASA and Space Camp.

 Riding the simulator

Future astronauts!

 Grace, Naledi, Piper, and spaceman with Mandela

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