Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Peter, Jenny, Kailey, and Penguins in Simon's Town!

We had awesome visitors the last couple of weeks! Paul's brother, Peter, our sister-in-law, Jenny, and our 8 year old niece, Kailey, came to South Africa! We had some fantastic adventures, starting with Cape Town. We rented a house in Simon's Town, right above Boulder's Beach. It was beautiful! We had a private entrance directly onto the boardwalk that led to the beach and we could hear the penguins at night (they are loud!)

Our view from our house

Walking back to our house (the white one up on the hill)

Dassies and Penguins at Boulder's Beach

Just hanging out and building some sand castles with our penguin friends

A lot more pictures coming up...Great White Sharks! Riding Elephants! Safari! Stay tuned...

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