Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Great Whites of Cape Town!

Since Peter and Jenny were visiting I knew I had to take this opportunity to do something I've been dying to do since arriving in South Africa - get us all in the water with some Great White Sharks! I signed us up to go with Apex Predators, the ones who take out the Discovery channel to make the video's for my favorite week in television - shark week!

 Getting ready to get in the water!

 I was so excited to do this! I couldn't wait to get in that cage! And I was not disappointed...

Being on the surface was just as awesome as being in the water. Seeing that fin cut the surface...the size of the sharks (4+ meters)...watching them lift half their body out of the water....amazing!

 Seal Island, the reason all the sharks are hanging around

What an awesome experience! I loved it! It was quite different than our shark dive at Aliwal Shoal, but so amazing to be in the water and see that these huge predators were not interested in us at all, we were just sharing their space in this world.

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