Thursday, April 26, 2012

Update: Paul in South Sudan

Paul has been in Juba now for nearly 3 months, almost a quarter of the way through! If you follow international news at all you've probably seen that things between South Sudan and Sudan are not going so well these days. Unfortunately, it is expected to get worse before it gets better. The majority of the issues are along the border region at this time far away from Paul in Juba but of course the Embassy is watching the situation closely.

Of course, none of this has stopped Paul from continuing to try to keep himself entertained during his few hours of not being trapped in work. He continues to gather a group for climbing when ever possible! Here are a few pics of some of his recent climbing adventures from the past couple weekends (the majority of the pictures were taken by his climbing buddies).

Over Easter weekend Paul took a mini R&R and went back to Jordan to visit old friends and experience a bit of freedom. I am very happy he got to go but I wish I was there with him!

Drinking martini's on Steve and Eileen's (not pictured) back patio with Kathryn. Oh we spent many a lovely evening here with our friends!

A visit to Pella with Steve and Eileen. 

Paul is coming home for a real R&R at the end of May and we will be taking a wonderfully needed holiday to the Caribbean! I am counting down the days. hours. minutes!

Until then, here are a couple more pictures of South Sudan!

Views of Juba town from the rock. 

Views of a village on the Nile.

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