Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Memories, Dreams and Reflections - 2011

When the year began we were still living in Jordan, both of us were working, and we were not planning for any big changes, but then Paul got offered a new job and lots of changes followed.
- We said goodbye to friends in Jordan and moved back to DC in early spring. Paul started his new position with USAID and I stopped working all together.
- We spent a lot of time outside hiking, rock climbing, running and just enjoying the green trees and blue skies.
- We were to be able to catch up with a number of friends we hadn't seen in a long time, and we very fortunate that we got to see our families often during the year.

So here is a collection of photos from this year (prompts from Ashley Sisk's Memories, Dreams and Reflections 2011 Linkup)

1. Me
I ran my first half marathon this year and was quite pleased with the experience!

2. I Love You
Paul and I celebrated 5 years of marriage this past September.

3. Still Laughing
Our Old Rag Epic Fail. Damn You Impossible To Find Trail. 

4. Winter Wonderland
This is as close to winter as I like to get! Taken on Mount Washington, NH in September. 

5. Birthday
Our niece, Kailey, visited us in DC about a month after her third birthday and we had her present ready  for her!

6. Friends
This past April, after way too many years, I got to see my friend Anu and her new daughter Asha in Philly.

7. I Was Inspired
I had an inspiration to learn to cook...I would say I was only partly successful. I did increase my collection of recipes I can cook, but I don't do it too often!

8. Spring Fever
Spring was wonderful in DC this year!

9. Travel or Vacation
In September, to celebrate our 5 year anniversary, Paul and I went to New Hampshire to climb Mount Washington

10. Summer Days
I participated in the Crazy Days of Summer Photo Challenge.

11. A Day In My Life
Luke, and his sister Leia, are typically in my life every day! ;)

12. All Smiles
Kailey riding her pony!

13. Autumn Harvest
I participated in the Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge

14. Family/Home
In July I was able to go home to California for a while and went to Yosemite with my parents. 

15. Celebrate!
Paul and I celebrated 50 years of The Peace Corps in September by participating in the Walk of Flags from the Arlington Cemetary to the Lincoln Memorial. Uganda RPCV all the way!

16. Let's Do It Again
We did a lot of climbing this year. We climbed at Seneca, WV in July and loved it so much we did it again with our friends in October. 

17. I Miss You
We lived in Jordan for over 2 years, but left in March. I miss my friends. 

18. Beautiful
Yosemite, one of the most beautiful places on the planet. 

19. Dress Up
While visiting my parents in July we recreated our Wild West dress up picture from 1978. 

20. Macro
Not taken with a macro lens, but he's pretty micro...

21. Holidays
Turkmas in Iowa with our favorite gal!

22. My Favorite
My brothers visit, and our Zombie Hunt is a favorite memory from 2011. 

23. Don't Ever Change
I want to continue having fun and enjoying life!

24. Just Because...So There!
Tubing in Harpers Ferry. 

25. Hopes and Dreams
2012 is going to be difficult...Paul is leaving for South Sudan for a year and I am staying in the states. That is not going to be easy. But here is hoping for a safe, quick and colorful year for the both of us!


Ashley Sisk said...

What a great set - really love your all smiles shot! Hope you have a great 2012.

Emily @ A Cambridge Story said...

Wow, what a year, Dawn. And what fantastic pictures! I always wanted to go tubing at Harper's Ferry. Best of luck in 2012!!

Aud's Space said...

These are all incredile shots. I love the don't ever change, the horsey moving, and the spring fever! What a treasured memory~

Skye said...

I really love your spring fever picture! That is gorgeous... and the yosemite pics. I would love to visit there one day! :)